In recent years newsrooms have cut staff sizes drastically putting increased pressure on producers and reporters to create more content with less resources and crews. These cutbacks  have had huge consequences for the news reporting businesses and the need is real for original video content.  People who have worked on assignment desks and have experienced this change first hand, know that producers genuinely need and appreciate 3rd party video to fill that void with fresh, original content. News desks get bombarded by press releases, but the ones with video are going to get the most attention and are most likely to be covered.


A whole business of independent stringer camera operators has emerged and they depend on this business model to make their living now. Sometimes, during overnight hours they will go out and shoot accidents or police scenes and sell that video to the press for thousands of dollars, so video definitely has a proven value. The opportunity is there for any business to shoot it’s marketing content and get it on air.


There is also a huge market for online websites, blogs, social media, Youtube, etc. to host video content as well. All these platforms require content. Every single business that has a website is able to host video, so every business potentially needs video. With the wide accessibility of HD video cameras in cell phones, there is no reason why every business can't produce their own raw video content.


However just having the camera doesn't turn the operator into Steven Spielberg, anymore then having access to a paintbrush and canvas turns someone into Picasso. The secret is in the editing if a few simple rules are followed in the shooting of the video.  There is value in working with professional video editing experts – especially when the service is highly affordable. Having the business owner shoot raw footage saves time and the cost of sending out a crew. Editing content adds significant value and is what makes the difference between what is obviously amateur vs a video that has strong production values built into it. 


1000+ experienced production team has worked in news and in business video production so we offer the knowledge and ability to customize your video to make it newsworthy. And your content can easily be sent to us digitally.  


We recognize that our service is not for everyone and there are plenty of companies out there that have or harness (at great expense) video production departments or outside professional services. 1000+ is aimed at the many businesses out there that don't have the time or budget to hire on-site video professionals to create content for them.


1000+ also offers distribution services through its sister company, Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC – a PR firm that caters to inventors, entrepreneurs and other businesses who want and need help with getting the word out to news outlets be they traditional or social. Orca Communications (www.orcacommunications.com)  has been around for almost 20 years and is a family owned and operated marketing firm.

In summary, using 1000+ video editing services saves business owners valuable time and money and can assist in distribution to the right markets.  Our distribution service through a professional PR firm is a major differentiator that adds enormous value above and beyond what any other video production company offers.  We work smarter and faster getting your content back to you or in the hands of professional publicists who have media relationships and the ability to get your word out far and wide. 

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