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1000PlusVideo, LLC in Process of Producing a Documentary called, “49er Legends Take on ALS” featuring 49er Football Legend’s Backstories of on and off the field events, scheduled for release in July, 2018

April 24, 2018 - Kailua-Kona, HI – 1000PlusVideo (www. announces that it is in the process of producing a DVD documentary called “49er Legends Take on ALS – True Stories for 49er fans.” The anticipated release date is July, 2018.

The history of this production is that in the late 80’s, a group of 49er veteran players and other dignitaries – 27 of them total – “huddled on the sidelines” to discuss what they could do to raise money for ALS research – since a disproportionate number of 49er players had been diagnosed with the disease. They decided to video tape their personal behind-the-scenes oral histories and those of other dignitaries who were affiliated with the 49ers, up to and through the ‘80’s, and sell the video featuring their stories to raise money for ALS research. They filmed the video at the Olympic Club in San Francisco where they were all gathered for another event.

The men who contributed their stories were Y.A. Tittle, R.C. Owens, Monty Stickles, Bruce Bosley, Alyn Beals, Abe Woodson, Bob St. Claire, Leo Nomillini, Gordy Soltau, Billy Wilson, Delvin Williams, Cas Banaszek, Ted Connolly, Len Rhode, Dan Colchino, Joe Perry, John Stryzkalski, Bruce Gossett, Ted Connally, Eric Wright, Harry Sydney, Bill Ring, Randy Cross, George Siefert, Equipment Manager Chico Norton and the very first owner of the 49ers, Franklin Mieuli.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the NFL declined at that time to allow any footage or images to be used in this documentary. Subsequently, the production of this video piece ended and the work, “sat on a shelf” for the next 28 years. When it was announced last year that Dwight Clark was diagnosed with ALS, Julia Hutton, one of the producers of the former piece now a public relations/video executive heard the news about Dwight Clark, decided it was time to make this happen and resurrected the project for the purpose it was intended - to raise money for ALS research.

The stories from the former football players range in time from the very beginning of football in San Francisco in the 40’s through the 80’s. Hutton says, “It was the players wishes, many of whom are no longer with us, to use their material to raise money for ALS research. They say that clearly in this documentary and their wishes are finally being honored.” Hutton continues, “I was so sad to hear that Dwight Clark has been diagnosed with it now that I said to myself, something has got to be done, and we went about finding the old tapes and reproducing the piece on DVD now.”

Because 1000PlusVideo wants additional images and footage, the company is turning to the fans to see what they might have that they would be willing to share, free of charge because this is a fundraiser and not for personal profit.

“We are looking for fans who might have old photos of Kezar Stadium, any of the players mentioned above, and/or footage they took of actual games played during this era, equipment, anything relative to this production to please contact 1000+Video – if they are willing to allow their images to be used for this purpose only,” continues Hutton. Because this is a fundraiser for ALS, all footage and photos must be donated. We encourage people to scan them if at all possible and send them to us via email. All photos accepted and used will say “Photo Courtesy of ______” with credit given to each contributor. Those who wish to contribute should send images or footage with descriptions to



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